Off Road Camper Trailer Hire

 Heavy Duty Off Road camper trailer, can be towed by standard cars, but more suited for medium to large SUV's and 4WD vehicles.
 Can be taken anywhere Australia wide, no restrictions.
 For the past 20 years we have been hiring our off road campers from our base here in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and seeing them travel not only all  over South Australia but also Central Australia, Alice Springs and surrounding arid lands, Kimberleys, Darwin and the Cape, from Cairns the top end to the very southern reaches of our wonderful continent, and everywhere in between covering millions of kilometres and catering for the accommodation and storage needs of their users.

Deluxe Double Off Road Camper Trailer Hire

   Front swing-a-way toolbox & holders                     Open LH front view c/w mesh wall                           Open R/H front view c/w mesh wall
  • Multipurpose Double Camper to suit 2 - 6 people, 2 queen size mattresses plus floor area for extras, fully sealed H/D vynal floor.
  • Access to trailer tub from inside camper, unique roof design allows for plenty of headroom inside with good water run off outside.
  • Set up time approx 5 minutes, supplied with all necessary equipment.
  • All canvas contained within suitcase type hard top when closed making it dust and water  resistant, bolted to top of  trailer
  • Double campers offer a large accommodation area with little compromise on size and towing weight yet with relatively quick set-up and dismantle times.
These are a purpose built practical camper offering ease of access to the trailer tub area from both front and rear, good storage around the exterior for all those extra fuel, water (11 all up on base version) and gas bottle requirements, an easy fit stoneguard and a quick set up room, sealed floor yet offering excellent ventilation for those hot tropical nights, and can be closed up tight as a drum for the cold and windy ones.
The fully sealed top is the same as on the Safari trailer just offset to one side making room for a full length toolbox; and also the same as for the safari you can leave both beds made up when closing up or if you're a couple then double up the mattresses giving you a thicker sleeping base and the added advantage of an above ground, storage, seating, work or play area.
    Inside view open windows                            Full length toolbox                      Easy access jerry can storage     Locker box & Gas bottle storage
What comes as standard equipment:
All necessary ropes, poles & pegs; hammer peg/puller; trailer support legs; spares kit; stoneguard; 5 storage tubs to suit trailer; kitchen utility bench with own storage boxes, cutlery tray & washbowl (cooker extra); minimum of 2 x 12v power sockets (support lighting); freshly washed mattress protectors to each mattress; marine carpet to suit fully sealed vynal floor area; polytarp windbreak to suit awning (multidirectional) plus a full mesh wall to suit awning area inc. access door
Why is the stubby room so quick:
Because of the unique arrangement of the top folding over to the side (gas strut assisted), followed by the one piece canvaswork then folding over the rear of the trailer all on a set of fixed length frames meaning no adjusting of poles or zipping on bits and pieces.
If you're having a one night stopover leave the camper connected to the car, let the awning hang and use the side access door, it's as easy as that.
If you're staying for a few days then a few poles, ropes & pegs later you can have up the front and rear awning plus mesh wall, only takes 5 minutes.
Quick Quote:   Minimum hire 3 days $220   :   1 week $490   :   2 weeks $931   :   3 weeks $1323   :   4 weeks $1666   :   longer term discounts apply
NB: Easter and terms 1,2 & 3 school holidays minimum of 1 week hire period applies. All rates include GST and Insurance.
       Please read conditions of hire page
Deposit/Bond: All hires attract a deposit/bond of $300 (or value of hire fee if less than $300) when booking, balance of hire fee payable on pick up. This amount can be tendered by way of cash, cheque, money order, internet banking funds transfer or credit card number. (Visa & Mastercard, c/c fee of 1.5% applies).
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